Modernized Pacific Asian Food, Dessert & Drinks

Through the careful selection of authentic and quality ingredients, we at PANASIA aim to take you on a culinary journey throughout all of Asia. Inspired by the traditional notion of “Dai Pai Dong,” (street food movement) we have created a comfortable and casual gathering place for friends and family to enjoy honest Asian comfort food.

Although street food is often considered more tasty than healthy, we are here to prove that it can be both. PANASIA infuses superfoods native to Asia, such as turmeric, matcha, and ginger, as well as flora such as the osmanthus flower and antioxidant-rich lemongrass, into your favorite comfort foods, drinks and dessert.

Whether you are browsing the stalls of a hawker center in Malaysia or surveying the food carts along the streets of Thailand, you can always expect delicious foods without any frills or fuss. Through thoughtfully crafted recipes and a hearty environment, PANASIA bridges culture and food to provide you an unforgettable experience.

Nicolas Chang, Co-Founder

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